Between Then and Now (Wardham, #0.5) - Zoe York **I received an ARC copy for my review**

Good short romantic story, it was easy written and lovely to read. This was my first book of Zoe York but definitely not the last one, I'm curious for the next one.

This is a story of a young couple who are married for 8 years with two children. What should have been a one night stand changes after Carrie finds out she is pregnant.

Carrie is unsure about the love from her husband and more unsure when she finds out that there is money missing from their account. When she wants to confront him with her questions she hear him in the background telling his friend to cover for him when he tells Carrie he needs to work late that evening.

Ian has never told his wife that he fell in love with her on their second date and now he is planning a surprise for her but for this he needs to ask his friends to cover for him.

Will everything work out for them in the end?