Hussy - Selena Kitt **I received an ARC copy for my review**
I must warn you if you have troubles reading about rape don't read this book!!

This is my first book from Selena and definitely not my last one. After reading the short description I must say she didn't disappoint me. You can put down the book!

You can call Lindsey every name is the book that resembles Hussy and she will be proud of it because she is a real Hussy. But how did she become like this?

Lieutenant Zachary Davis is not like all the other guys, he doesn't want her to act like she's doing now. He falls in love with the person and not the character that she is acting. He becomes the most precious gift in her live.

Some of the scenes will be hard to read but to understand Lindsey you will need to read the whole story. Will she change her life for Zach and will their relationship survive?