Guarded Heart - C.A. Harms **I received an ARC copy for my review**
After finishing Stripped I couldn’t wait to start at a new book from Cynthia. And off course this was also a great story.

From the moment you start reading you get sucked in the story and yes sometimes you will laugh or cry with this story. It was written easy and all characters where flowing in to each other.

Only 5 days to go before her wedding Sam feels great, she has a lot of nerves but what happens next will shatters all her dreams, she finds her fiancée having sex with her cousin on HER kitchen table. But Tony doesn’t leave her alone and keeps on telling her he stills loves her, after sending her flowers she decides this needs to end and goes to handle over the flowers to him and his new fling. Why did he do that and did he cheat on her with more than one? After finding the truth out drives to her best friend’s house but for some reason she can’t get out of her car.

Wes who has a crazy ex wants only one thing to take care of this four year old little angel, she is the center of his life and has only love for her. He sees Sam on that dreadful evening when she breaks down in front of Mitchel, Ali and him. He falls for her immediately and gets with help from Ali and Mitchel the chance to meet her again, but this time he’s going to get the girl and never let her go.

So don’t stand there and get yourself comfy in a chair with a lovely glass of wine and START READING this wonderfull story.