If I Stay - Evan Reeves **I received an ARC copy for my review**
This is the first I read from Evan Reeves and I loved the story, it was easy written and you get lost in the story.

I love this teacher-student books, because you'll have to admit once in your college years you will also felt this towards on off your teachers. But what about the friendship between Gemma, Brandon and Sasha, 3 different characters that blend in a wonderful friendship. During this story you will start to love and laugh with them like with your own friends.

After a Gemma's breakup her best friend Sasha and roommate Brandon think it's time too take her out for some fun. But what neither one of them expected is to meet someone who would give her back her happiness.

But then her eyes lock with this beautiful stranger, who is standing on this stage and reads her the perfect poem, who's he? The strange poetry-writing man, Ben wants to learn more about Gemma and invites her to his hotel room.

Will they have this passionate night and what happens after she sneaks out of his hotel room?

Nothing prepares her for the shock on her first day of class as her new Professor is the same man that she'd left naked and in bed just the evening before.

But will their relationship survive this teacher-student situation?