Knots - Chanse Lowell **I received an ARC copy for my review**
Ok Chanse did it again, I loved this story and as usual when you start reading her books you can’t stop till it’s finished. This is standalone book, but I recommend too read also her previous books Sleeves and Slick as Ides.

The first thing that attracted me was the great cover and the short description. Like usual well written and easy to read and lovely hot scenes.

Jeanie a young widow who blames herself for the death of her husband, is insecure, has a poor self image and now all alone. She feels like she led everybody down, her dead husband, his family and herself. During the funeral she gets the support of Mark, her husband’s best friend.

Mark strong, hot confident guy who has it all a good job, patient, loving and gentle. His only weakness is Jeanie. From the first time he met her his falling in love with her and now he’s going to claim her, nobody is going to stand in his way again.

For years now they have a sexual tension between each other, watching each other’s moves and manners always in secret. And how would everybody react if they would start something so soon after the funeral. Mark needs to help Jeanie to see that she is a loving woman, who cares for the persons she loves and is a natural sub.

But will she follow him on his path of Master and Sub?