Love Express

Love Express - Alyssia Leon Complimentary copy provided by author for an honest review.

While this is a short story you will love this one from the beginning till the end. The story starts with Moira that leaves her husband with only a note saying “it’s over", she's now living in a small rundown appartment with a rat keeping her company. Things will be looking better when she'd return to the one work she’d known before her marriage, housekeeping.

Since marrying billionaire Darren Tate she never felt she belonged there and a lot of other people had made this clear to her. But life will get better once she starts working for the italian businessman Alessandro. After texting him three days as an interview his texts had come more often and he was intrigued by her, not only as his housekeeper. So will she take the leap and go to Alessandro? She doesn't have another choice.

The Venice-bound Royal Express a luxury train that will bring her to Italy where she will meet Alessandro. But nothing prepared her for the man who was in the cabin next door.

Darren Tate has planned this carefully if everything would go right he would be in Venice tomorrow and in his woman’s arms and bed for the whole of Christmas weekend. Every present he bought her was sought out with care a lacy babydoll set and a sparkling diamond.

Will Moira have a HEA with Alessandro? And is her ex Darren meeting his mistress Jenna? Or is nothing like is seems?

I would have loved to read more about this story, it was well written and magical. Can't wait for the next book this author writes !!