Protector: A Second Chance Bad Boy Romance

Protector: A Second Chance Bad Boy Romance - Penelope Bloom A second story included in the Single Dad next door so I needed to read this book also, this one is a second chance story with a little bad ass story in it. Seal Jessy leaves his girlfriend Makayla behind to protect her but instead of telling the truth he tells her a story about another girl he met overseas. After doing his duty he turns into security.

Makayla a young actress is approached by a masked man who treated to kill her. She needs protection now a wants the best bodyguard money can buy, if only she thought about it more carefully, because nothing prepared her to see that her bodyguard is the only man she couldn't forget her ex Jessy.

And who's behind all the treats to both of them?

A good story, enjoyable and steamy parts.