Chasing Butterflies

Chasing Butterflies - Terri E. Laine I received this book as an ARC, as I read more books from Terri I was not surprised to enjoy this one as well!!
A beautiful story with dark edges, Kelley Moore has not have a simple live a father that drinks and is abusive, his brother that is killed in the line of duty and then to find out that your mother is terrible ill. All he wants is a better future from himself so he needs to concentrate on his studies and his football, but what happens if he meets the gorgeous Lenora (Lenny) Wells ?

Lenny is a beautiful town princess who finds out that she has to date a guy Ox, only because her father needs the good connections with his family and not only doesn't she likes this guy but is not planning to give him her v card just yet. But then her world collides with Kelley's, the one with the unusual eyes who gives her butterflies every time he's near.

After finding her best friend and her boyfriend one night at a party, her worlds shift and changes forever!! Kelley needs to run out of town after a couple of false accusations but promises to come back to Lenora.

Four years later both find themselves in the same college, but everything has changed dramatic, she's not the girl he remembers and he is the only boy who she could never forget.

Can they make amends and give their love a second chance? Or are there more secrets to reveal?

An amazing read with a lot of emotional and unpredictable plots. A definitely must read who enjoys reading new adult romance. A story which keeps you at the end of your chair till you finish it.