Indigo Nights

Indigo Nights - Louise Bay Ok this is final I'm now a Louise Bay Junkie!!
Last year I started with the The Empire State Trilogy and I was to trilled about it that I couldn't wait to read all her stories.
So as usual once I have all the books in one series I start reading it. Why?? because when I finish one I want to start immediatly on the next one.
I loved the story about Beth and Dylan the sparkles where flying from this story.

After Beth loses her mother after a dreadfull shooting she started drinking, if that's not enough she has an boyfriend that keeps screwing around and treats her like dirth. All these events leads her to become an alcoholic the one thing that saves her is her brother and baking. Now 4 years of being sober she has a chance to be happy in her live.
Dylan is a successful businessman who uses women for sex after his fiance has left him for a man with more money. But nothing has him prepared when he steps on his flight from Londen to Chicago to see the beautifull Beth.

But with their pasts can they find love or will what ever happened in the past keep an hold on them?