Perfectly Equipped

Perfectly Equipped - Lacey Silks I love reading the books of Lacey Silks they always keep me wanting more this is also the same with this short story of April a widowed mother who goes with her best friend to a nudist resort. There she meets the perfectly equipped man of her dreams Sean who takes her breath away from the moment they met only she hopped that she met his eyes first and not his crotch.

Sean a gorgeous man with as the tittle mentioned also perfectly equipped knows what he wants and goes after it the moment he sees April. But the connection he has with her is not something he was planning for.

Their love making is being interrupted by a spitting Volcano and leaves us with a cliffhanger, they all need to leave the island she gets in the speedboat but did Sean get in one? Will she ever find him again because how do you reunite with a guy when you realize you don’t even know his full name and is guided to a dock in a different city.

I can’t wait to September 15th to read more about April and Sean absolutely loved this story.