Laugh Like You've Never Cried (Summer Lake 5) - Judith McCoy Miller
Complimentary copy provided by author for an honest review.

First of all if you just have learned about this series I recommend you begin with reading her first book "Love Like You've Never Been Hurt" it's still free on Amazon, then you can follow the relationships between these friends.

As you can see by now I'm addicted to the Summer Lake series and again from the beginning you get suck into the story of Michael and Megan, lots of romance, laughter, emotions and hot steamy sex.

Megan's a girl with a bad past has landed in Summer Lake and is working as a librarian there but now she hides behind her baggy clothes and glasses, after being bullied by beautiful girls and admired by guys when she was younger. The only one she’s allowed to enter her life is her dog Ollie who she found at a rest stop.

Michael has a story of his own after divorcing his wife he's left behind with his son Ethan who means more than the world to him, he returns back to his hometown to take over his father’s doctor’s practice. But he feels that his life is not complete, after joking and seducing woman his whole life with his great looks and devastating smile his eyes land on Megan.

She doesn’t believe that a man like Michael could fall for her and tries to stay away from him, but Michael is not planning to let her go so easily.

But will he succeed or will their miscommunication keep them apart? Find out in a new and wonderful story of SJ.